Icing Your Cakes


Here I’ll tell you the basics to icing. You can use these skills on anything you like, such as cakes or even biscuits. Add a dash of sprinkles and voilà.

Butter Icing

  • 50g butter, at room temperature
  • 100g icing sugar
  • A few drops of food colouring of your choice (optional)

Tip- for chocolate icing replace the food coloring for 50g of melted chocolate, or you could try 2 tsp of cocoa powder

  1. Cream together the butter and sugar, until smooth and creamy.
  2. Add the food colouring of your choice, mix it in. If making a chocolate icing, add the chocolate now.
  3. Fit a piping bag with a tip of your choice; I prefer star nozzles when icing cupcakes.
  4. Fill the bag with your icing and gently pipe on your desired pattern.
  5. If you don’t wish to pipe on your icing, you can simply spread it on with a palette knife, I find this especially useful when working with a large cake that requires a smooth finish.

Glacé Icing / Water Icing

You have to be careful when making this sort of icing. You do not want your icing too runny so that it runs off your cake/cookie. If you do find that it is too runny, don’t add any more icing sugar; instead you’ll have to make a new batch.

  • 100g icing sugar
  • A small amount of water
  • A few drops of food colour (optional)
  1. In a medium bowl, slowly stir the icing sugar and water together.
  2. Add your food colouring and use a spoon to spread the icing on your cakes or cookies.
  3. To make lemon icing simply replace the water with lemon juice and a few drops of yellow food colour.

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